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About us
About us
Online Smicha is a most innovative learning program, unlike any other offered today. Through the use of interactive web video conferencing, Online Smicha offers a structured learning program for working professionals, retired men and anyone who would like to obtain their Smicha, for a variety of reasons.

After years of experience and success, with graduated students from all around the world, Online Smicha is there - ready for every Orthodox Jew who wishes to accomplish more in his learnings and is ready to achieve this great goal of receiving Smicha.

Our courses include the most basic Smicha studies, offering differnet tracks for working-men and for Yeshiva students, as well as courses for Pulpit Rabbis who wish to advance their knowledge in practical Halachah issues of nowadays and community life.

We also offer other courses throughout the year, including Hagolas Kelim (Kashering), T'vilas Kelim, Hilchos Yom Tov and more. Please visit the relevant page of each course to find out more information.

Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm of Minnesota, Founder and Dean of, stands as head of our institution's staff and works to expand this program.

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