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Tuition & Policies
Program Duration Tuition Payment Option
Standard Track124 weeks6,00024 Monthly Payments of $250
*Accelerated Track64 weeks4,00016 Monthly Payments of $250 (additional discount for Bochurim)
Dayonus2.5 Yrs5,00025 Mothly Payments of $200
                   *Accelerated Track is only available to those with a strong background and the ability to devote hours each day to learning, and entry to this program must be approved by Rabbi Wilhelm.           

  •    Online Smicha has the right to prevent a student’s access to any Shiur due to a missed payment.
  •    Students who join in the middle of a session are required to pay for the entire session.
  •     A 3 month prior notice is required in the case of a student deciding to discontinue a course.
  •    Payments to Online Smicha are auto-billed, through PayPal. Receipts are sent to applicants and students by    Email.

  • Online Smicha has the right to terminate a contract with any individual, who has not performed at Online Smicha academic requirements, measured in course work, test performance and class attendance.
  • Online Smicha reserves the right to deny any student accessibility to the final exam, given unacceptable performance in previous tests. 

Conduct in a Shiur:
  •    Most of the Shiurim are web video conference-based, and therefore:
  1.        1. Students are required to attend in a quiet environment.
  2.        2. Appropriate dress and conduct for Torah learning is requested.
  3.        3. Students should logon to the Shiur at least 5 minutes before the Shiur is scheduled to begin.
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