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Explore the variety of LIVE and recorded classes we offer and join us for the one that fits best to your interest. From Smicha, to different Halacha topics, Chassidus and other courses - take on the opportunity to bring Torah study to you home and join our wonderful family of students from all around the world who decided to make Online Smicha their home Yeshiva.

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Endorsed by leading Rabbanim


Unique payment plan that splits the payments into monthly smaller commitments that allow you to control your finances better while advancing your Torah study


Live classes at different times during the day that allow you to fit into your schedule. Still can’t? No worries! Recorded classes are available to you on the Students Portal


Endorsed by rabbis from all around the world and recommended by many more, Online Smicha is well recognized in communities across different continents


Live and recorded classes with a leading technology, direct communication with your rabbi and a designated Students Portal that will offer you even more!

About Us

Online Smicha is a most innovative learning program, unlike any other offered today. Through the use of leading technology of interactive web video conferencing, Online Smicha offers a structured learning program for working professionals, retired men, Yeshiva students and anyone who would like to obtain their Smicha.

After years of experience and success, with graduate students from all around the world, Online Smicha is here - ready for every Orthodox Jew who wishes to accomplish more in his learnings and is ready to achieve this great goal of receiving Smicha.

We offer also a variety of other classes, including subjects such as Dayanus, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, Chassidus and many more topics, with ongoing LIVE classes.

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