Standard Smicha

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Melicha מליחה

Simanim: Yoreh Deah 69-76
יורה דעה סט-עו
Course time: Approx. 3 months

Bassar B’Chalav בשר בחלב

Simanim: Yoreh Deah 87-97
יורה דעה פז-צז
Course time: Approx. 10 months

Taaruvos תערובות

Simanim: Yoreh Deah 98-111
יורה דעה צח-קיא
Course time: Approx. 10 months

Shabbos שבת

Simanim: Orach Chaim 253-259, 308-311, 318-321 from the Shulchan Aruch Horav
אורח חיים רנג-רנט, שח-שיא, שיח-שכא
Course time: Approx. 4 months

Maacholei Akum מאכלי עכו״ם

Simanim: Yoreh Deah 112-113
יורה דעה קיב-קיג
Course time: Approx. 2 months


  1. LIVE Classes
  2. Resources and Access to Students Portal
  3. Access to Your Teacher
  4. Charts
  5. Chazzarah Sheets
  6. Tests - Written and Oral

Monthly Billing

$250 Apply

Monthly recurring payments for 26 months

Advantages of this program

Geared for working men, business professionals or anyone with limited free time, this program is designed to allow you to achieve this great goal of Rabbinical Ordination, Smicha.

As a structured program running for 128 weeks, this program offers Shiurim that are conducted via web video conferencing twice per week on the most advanced live classroom software available. Each class run between 60-90 minutes, and is given alongside an interactive whiteboard and chat, an option to communicate with the rabbi as well as charts and other visual explanations.

The Shiurim cover the laws required for Smicha, and a periodical quiz will be available in preparation for the mandatory written test. Self-tests with automated results and other features will allow you to monitor your own progress and understanding of the material.

Additionally, you will find on the Students Portal all the recorded classes, as well as other resources and material that’s available exclusively to our students. Communication with the rabbi is easily done through email, phone and Skype.

At the end of each course a written exam and an oral test will take place. The oral test will be given by a leading rabbi who is an expert in the particular Halacha discussed.

About the Teacher

Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm, Rosh Yeshiva of Online Smicha מכון להוראה, is an esteemed scholar and author of numerous books on Halacha. Rabbi Wilhelm is a dynamic teacher whose experience began serving as the Rosh Yeshiva in St. Paul, MN for 14 years before taking on the Online Smicha project and directing it for the last decade.

Loved by his hundreds of students over the years, Rabbi Wilhelm is known for his enthusiasm, devotion and dedication, and understanding of the student body. Many of his students over the years stay in contact with him and direct to him their practical day-to-day Halachic questions.




Online Smicha has the right to prevent a student’s access to any Shiur due to a missed payment.

Students who join in the middle of a session are required to pay for the entire session.

A 3 month prior notice is required in the case of a student deciding to discontinue a course. The first 3 months of tuition payment are non-refundable.

Payments to Online Smicha are auto-billed, through PayPal. Receipts are sent to applicants and students by Email. You can adjust your billing credit card and other information on PayPal if needed.


Online Smicha has the right to terminate a contract with any individual, who has not performed at Online Smicha academic requirements, measured in course work, test performance and class attendance.

Online Smicha reserves the right to deny any student accessibility to the final exam, given unacceptable performance in previous tests.


Most of the Shiurim are web video conference-based. Therefore:

  1. Students are required to attend in a quiet environment.
  2. Appropriate dress and conduct for Torah learning is requested.
  3. Students should login to the Shiur at least 5 minutes before the Shiur is scheduled to begin.
  4. Question and notes will be made first on the chat so not to interrupt the flow of the class. You may speak only of directed so by the teacher.

It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the necessary books and material needed for the class. You can purchase them on our store, on or in any other local Jewish books store.

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